The Hip Hinge, A Beginners Guide to Preventing Back Injuries

Hip hinge and prevent back injuries

When it comes to protecting the lower back, there is no movement more important to learn than the hip hinge. The hip hinge is a term used in fitness and rehabilitation circles to describe bending at the hip instead of rounding the lower back. It’s taught in gyms as a precursor to exercises like the Deadlift and Squats. It’s kind of used like movement prep as hinging at the hip is a part of both of these exercises.

Now this is the important bit. The hip hinge doesn’t just belong in the gym. It’s a part of normal human movement. Every time you bend forward, you should bend at the hips and avoid rounding or flattening your lower back.

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Why your injured muscle won’t heal & your rehab exercises don’t help

How to ruin your shoulder & stretch nothing

Too often, injuries just don’t seems to get better. For a lot of people, the pain subsides for a while, then comes back with a vengeance like a bad movie sequel. The injured muscle in your back that just won’t heal no matter who you see. Your dodgy rotator cuff injury that still hurts even though you diligently perform your shoulder rehab exercises every day.

Does any of this sound like you? If so, then this is the article for you.

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